Janine Brown and Lucy Traber

(2005 Members' Showcase Winners)

June 4 - July 15, 2006

Each year BAC staff and/or guest jurors select one to three artists from the Members' Showcase for a solo or small group exhibition the following year. Pattern and variation mark both Janine Brown's and Lucy Traber's work. These two unique artists chosen from our 2005 Members' Showcase came together to create a space with 2D and 3D pieces - a collaboration of form and color. 

Brown is influenced by spiritual art of many cultures which have inspired her to create objects of contemplation. Her two series of workd, Variation Voyage &Trabsfiguration fo Squares, are concerned with the spatial relationships between abstract shapes, celebration of color, and reveal associations and meditations on concepts suck as permanence vs. transformation, luminosity vs. materiality, and substance vs. ephemera. 

As an early practitioner of the fiber arts movement, for which Berkeley is known, Traber has been working with kelp for over forty years. Her work, Kelp: Pods & Vessels, combines a feeling of prehistory with contemporary art forms. Her "love affair" with kelp gives an audience many variations in forms of unexpected beauty.