The 2nd Annual International Small Film Festival 

September 6 - 10, 2006

In this five night film screening extravaganza, the BAC screened thirty-six competitively selected films and presented four invitational daytime multimedia installations. The selected filmmakers were chosen by jurors, Richard Whittaker (editor/publisher of Works and Conversations magazine) and Dickenson Schneider (artist, filmmaker, and art professor at California State University Hayward). The festival encouraged all kinds of films and filmmakers, from professional film to anyone with a camera and interest in making video. The multimedia installations included were 3 Swedes by Dickenson Schneider, un.natural by gen.z, Luxor-Qurna Diaries (excerpt) by Casondra Sobieralski, and Integrity of Transitions by Sieglinde Van Damme. 



Tsukuyo Asahara

Sara Blaylock

Dane Boedigheimer

Matt Breault

Clark Buckner

Claire Burch

Ross Craig

Peter Dobey

Carola Dreidemie

Melinda Busch & Jean Pierre Duboucheron

Marianna Ellenberg

Mabawia El-Soudani

Paul S. Gordon

John Hawk

Sonja Jinrichson

Jesse Houlding

Peter Kirby

Leena Jayaswac & Kylos Brannon

Arthur Hurley

Kirk LeClaire

Gary Lindgren

Lucinda Luvas

Simone Paterson

David Santamaria

John Paul Sawan

Harriet Storm

Elia Van Tuyl

Vanessa Woods

Chie Yamayoshi

Mike Zhai