2014-15 Berkeley Civic Center Art Exhibition 

Images below from 2014-15 exhibition:

June 9, 2014 - September 2015

Location: Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center, 2180 Milvia St., Berkeley

The Civic Center Art Exhibition is the City of Berkeley's opportunity to celebrate the richness of artistic production within the community. The annual exhibition is produced through a collaborative effort by Berkeley Art CenterKala Art Institute, the Civic Arts Commission and Civic Arts Coordinator. This year, 37 Berkeley-based artists were selected through a juried process for exhibition in the Berkeley Martin Luther King Civic Center Building. The work is distributed throughout publicly accessible areas on six floors and is displayed for approximately 1 year. Visitors can view the artwork during regular hours of operation. 

CLICK HERE to download tour/ list of works by floor.

2014-2015 Selected Artists:

Ned Axthelm, Joan Baylie, Anthony Bodenmiller, Melanie Chan, Julie Cohn, Guy Colwell, Andrei Crandall, Rachel Frankel, Toni Gentilli, Sonia Gill, Tim Gleason, Stanley Goldberg, Veronica Graham, Sonja Hinrichsen, Joyce Hulbert, Cynthia Innis, Maya Kabat, Toby Kahn, Betty Kano, Nick Lawrence, Michael Layefsky, Gary Nakamoto, Colleen Neff, Miwako Nishizawa, Phyllis Pacin, Brenda Quan, Alexandra Rapp, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Julio M Romero, Liz Schiff, Sally Smith, Allen Stross, Ruth Tabancay, Max Tarcher, Rory Terrell, Tali Weinberg, and Donna Westerman.