Leslie Dreyer: Reclaim Disrupt, 2014-ongoing; public performance with vending cart and etched bricks.
Tanja Geis: Littoral Daemon III, 2015; mud from the San Francisco Bay on paper; 102 x 52 in.
Lee Lavy: still from Training Break #6, 2014; digital video; color, sound; 3:11 mins.
Michelle Ott: opacity and accumulation, from the series Redirected Objects, 2014; archival ink on paper with hand-cut surface; 40 x 30 in.
Sofie Ramos: decorate/defecate, 2014–ongoing; video, acrylic paint, paper, fabric, drywall, plaster, wood, tape, and matboard; 92 x 75 x 125 in.
Matt Smith Chavez: Chaplin in his cell, pampered by his wardens, 2015; mixed media on muslin; 48 x 43 ½ in.
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