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25th Annual National Juried Exhibition

August 24 - October 12, 2008

Juried by Catharine Clark (Catharine Clark Gallery, SF) and JoAnne Northrup (Senior Curator, San Jose Museum of Art), the exhibition includes more than twenty works of art by eleven artists including paintings and sculpture.  This vibrant, whimsical exhibition presents some of the best and brightest artists working today.

Susannah Bettag (San Francisco, CA)
Jan Blythe (Lafayette, CA)
Colleen Flaherty (Oakland, CA)
Katie Lewis (San Francisco, CA)
Wenxiong Lin (Somerville, MA)
Stephani Martinez (Oakland, CA)
Julia Nelson-Gal (Palo Alto, CA)
Gail Postal (New York, NY)
Lyz Preus (Minneapolis, MN)
Sarah Ratchye (Atherton, CA)
Destiny Schwartz (Brookings, OR)