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Abstract Visions: Selections by Peter Selz

June 11 – August 7, 2011

The exhibition Abstract Visions celebrates the centennial of abstract painting. Abstract art has evolved from its original spiritual and utopian stance in the early 20th century to its present vibrant position. Refuting the digital display of the current moment, abstract paintings are simply pictures, brushed by the hand of the artist, in which emotional intuition is framed by the artist's rational mind into dynamic metaphors.

Abstract Visions showcases eight accomplished and distinctive Bay Area artists working in a variety of media. Naomie Kremer's energetic abstract paintings allude to forest interiors and Donna Brookman's evocative Ragini Paintings also respond pictorially to the natural environment as do the stunning new paintings by Eva Bovenzi. Kevan Jenson creates visual magic with the use of smoke and Keiko Nelson’s rhythmic organic three-dimensional paintings are inspired by Hokusai. Gary Edward Blum's acrylics, which at first glance appear to be pure abstractions, surprise the viewer with their trompe l'oeil details, just as Gloria Tanchelev's square canvases reveal glowing layers beneath their smooth surfaces.  Bruce Hasson's organically encrusted bronzes are ingeniously named after the volcanoes on the earth's six continents.

Curated by Peter Selz, noted art historian, curator, and founder of the Berkeley Art Museum, this compelling compilation of work attests to the present-day vibrancy of abstract art.

Artists: Gary Edward Blum, Eva Bovenzi, Donna Brookman, Bruce Hasson, Kevan Jenson, Naomie Kremer, Keiko Nelson, Gloria Tanchelev