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Location Drawing
Teacher: Andrew Steers

Saturday, October 1, 1:30 - 3 pm
Class fee: $30 BAC Members / $40 Non-members

Discover the joy of drawing on location and keeping a sketchbook to visually record experiences and locations. Students will learn the fundamentals of composition, perspective and lighting and apply that to location drawings and paintings. Drawings will be done quickly with a focus on improving fundamental drawing skills and confidence. Classes will take place outdoors in locations near the Berkeley Art Center. Bring your own sketchbook, drawing tools provided. 

Andrew Steers is a professional storyboard artist with an MFA in illustration. He teaches at City College in San Francisco and loves taking time to draw and paint from urban life. He is currently finishing up the first issue of his own comic book Bomber Girl

Origami Earrings
Teacher: Nga Trinh  

Saturday, October 22, 1 - 4 pm
Class fee: $30 BAC Members / $40 Non-members

Join instructor Nga Trinh in her passion for sustainable art making! In this adult workshop she will be teaching participants how to fold a beautiful pair of earrings made to resemble a eucalyptus seedpod. Nga Trinh incorporates paper folding into her artwork using mostly recycled materials. She holds a BFA from UC Berkeley and is a member of the El Cerrito Art Association. Her origami artworks have been sold to the Alameda County of Arts Commission and the Rountree Visuals in Emeryville. Nga has taught origami classes at the Elephant Pharmacy, El Cerrito Central, North and West libraries, and at the El Cerrito and North Berkeley Senior centers.

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Basic Butoh Workshop
Teacher: Hiroko Tamano

Date TBD
Class fee: $30 BAC Members / $40 Non-members

Butoh is a performance art rooted in Japan's culture and imagination. Hiroko guides the class through visual imaginations that are realized through movement. Whether you practice dance or healing arts this workshop is sure to be an enriching and memorable experience. Hiroko Tamano is a direct student of Butoh founder, Hijikata Tatsumi. Therefore, she provides us with rare access to the original spirit and methodology of Butoh.