Berkeley Art Center International Small Film Festival

October 20th - 29th, 2005

Over the course of nine days the BAC screened forty competitively selected films and other multimedia installations. The festival encouraged all kinds of films and filmmakers, from professional film to anyone with a camera and interest in making video. 

Artists featured: 

Gary Lindgren
Amanda Yopp
Stuart Larson
John Winter
Sieglinde Van Damme
Michael Zheng
Julian Blair
Meredith Stricker
Candice Ivy
Ellen Lake
Marcin Nadoln
Darren Hawk
Sage Drake
John Westernoff
Brendan Bock
Sabina Nieto
Geoff Adams
Kirk Leclaire
Christa Conforti
Simone Paterson
Rich Reader
Michael C. Millen
Ronald Chase
Jesse Huerlin
Alexandra Hontales-Adams
Samantha Yu
Workshop Ensamble
Dominic Santos
Sandy McLeod
Gini Reticker