City of Berkeley Public Art Program
and the Civic Arts Commission present

Civic Center Art Exhibition 2016 | 2017

On view through August 2017 at
Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center
2180 Milvia St., Berkeley

Each year the Civic Center Art Exhibition and the City of Berkley celebrate the richness of artistic production within the community. The annual exhibition is produced through a collaborative effort by Berkeley Art Center, Kala Art Institute, the Civic Arts Commission and Civic Arts Coordinator. This year 32 Berkeley-based artists were selected through a juried process for exhibition in the Berkeley Martin Luther King Civic Center Building. The work is distributed throughout publicly accessible areas on six floors and will displayed for nine months. Visitors can check in on the 5th floor to view the exhibition with an escort.

CLICK HERE to download the exhibit map

2016 - 2017 Selected Artists: 

Joan Baylie                               Toby Kahn
Anthony Bodenmiller              Zohra Kalinkowitz
Tracy Child                               Joanna Katz  
Hagit Cohen                             Barbara Kloeppel

Julia Cost                                  Isabella La Rocca
Claire b. Cotts                          Michael Layefsky
Marsha Dalmas                        Daniel McClain
Ella Davidson                            Alex Merenkov
Randy Dixon                              Sarah Morrison
Susan Duhan Felix                   Liz Moser  
Beth Fein                                   Dawn Nakashima
Sonia Gill                                   Claire Rabkin
Emily Gui                                   Nancy Selvin
Robbin Henderson                   Nigel Sussman   

Johanna Hoite                           DJ Whelan
Christine Huhn                          Yi Zhong