A Berkeley Art Center Juried Exhibition 

Selected by Boots Riley and Steven Wolf
June 28 -  August 10, 2014 

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 28, 5-8pm 

Artists: Renae BarnardMichael BarrettAmber CrabbeRyan CarringtonEva EnriqueRebecca Foster,  Gabriel Martinez, Nicki GreenRobbin HendersonMaru Hoeber, Isaac Lopez, Ethan Rafal, Nick Randhawa, Katherine RhoadesSanaz SarabiWIGband: Johanna Poethig and Barbara Golden

Berkeley Art Center challenged artists to submit work that represented the social and political issues that incited change, movement and upheaval. Selected by Boots Riley and Steven Wolf, the artists in Soapbox use diverse media to challenge not just what our voices are saying but how we are using our voices in the first place. In addition to the gallery exhibition, Soapbox will present web-based projects, live music, performances and more, as ways to break apart old models of activation and to challenge viewers to participate in building new models for this uncertain future.  More...

Civic Center Art Exhibition 

June 9, 2014 - May 2015
Location: Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center, 2180 Milvia St., Berkeley

The Civic Center Art Exhibition is the City of Berkeley's opportunity to celebrate the richness of artistic production within the community. The annual exhibition is produced through a collaborative effort by Berkeley Art CenterKala Art Institute, the Civic Arts Commission and Civic Arts Coordinator. Selected Artists: Ned Axthelm, Joan Baylie, Anthony Bodenmiller, Melanie Chan, Julie Cohn, Guy Colwell, Andrei Crandall, Rachel Frankel, Toni Gentilli, Sonia Gill, Tim Gleason, Stanley Goldberg, Veronica Graham, Sonja Hinrichsen, Joyce Hulbert, Cynthia Innis, Maya Kabat, Toby Kahn, Betty Kano, Nick Lawrence, Michael Layefsky, Gary Nakamoto, Colleen Neff, Miwako Nishizawa, Phyllis Pacin, Brenda Quan, Alexandra Rapp, Mary Curtis Ratcliff, Julio M Romero, Liz Schiff, Sally Smith, Allen Stross, Ruth Tabancay, Max Tarcher, Rory Terrell, Tali Weinberg, and Donna Westerman.  Click here for more information. 

Past Exhibitions

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