Honorees Mildred Howard, Hung Liu and Judy Dater with artist Lava Thomas at BAC’s 2018 Artist Awards Luncheon

Honorees Mildred Howard, Hung Liu and Judy Dater with artist Lava Thomas at BAC’s 2018 Artist Awards Luncheon

At our 2018 Artist Awards Luncheon honoring Judy Dater, Mildred Howard and Hung Liu, Hung told the crowd what Berkeley Art Center meant for her as a young artist:

“You don’t get your first show at the Berkeley Art Museum — you get your first show at the Berkeley Art Center. And that is so important when you are starting out, to have someone give you a chance.”

At BAC, we work with artists and thinkers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to nurture their creative and professional potential. In collaboration with respected guest curators and a committee of artists and educators, we plan exhibitions, workshops and events that give artists at every stage room to experiment and grow.

Please ensure that we can keep lifting up local artists and giving audiences access to some of the best in Bay Area arts and culture, right here in the East Bay. Your contribution makes the difference.

Our deepest gratitude to the generous donors and members who keep our community strong.

* July 5, 2018 -– June 20, 2019

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