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Featured Artist April 2017

Carol Jenkins

My love of painting evolved from a life-long love of wilderness. The play of color, form, line and texture across a canvas excites me as much as the shifting of light and shadow across the land, the glint of light on rushing water. The process of painting is more demanding, sometimes terribly frustrating:  it challenges me to live with uncertainty, to take the risk of putting paint on canvas without knowing what will follow, to trust something that exists before knowing.

Using acrylics, graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink, oil and oil stick, I search for those moments when the wish to know, when ideas, when words themselves drop away. Then there is just the experience of discovery, the excitement of seeing a random mark pull the painting in a new direction, the pleasure of watching the way shapes interact and light draws the eye.

– Carol Jenkins

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Before Time
36 x 36", acrylic, ink, charcoal

Twilight Tapestry #1
24 x 24", oil on canvas


Sounds of the Sea
36 x 36", acrylic, graphite, oil stick on canvas

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