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Featured Artist September 2018

Irma Vega Bijou

I was born in San Diego.CA and grew up in Baja California, Mexico.

Attended University at UNAM in Mexico City pursuing studies in Sociology- Political Sciences, where I practiced my career, keeping jobs as well as doing research in the areas of my interest; rural development and education, for governmental and non-governmental agencies.   

For many years I had an interest in Art, which I pursued in the form of Modern dance, yet  in 1986 I took a ceramics class that it would change my professional life forever, and I have been working with clay and pursuing ceramics ever since. My first experiences in this area were at the University of Baja California in Ensenada, and then I moved to San Diego, Ca, to continue with my studies.

Then, after spending some time in Europe, I came back to live in California, and I have been practicing ceramics, sculpture and other forms of art, like painting, mixed media and art installations, using paper, wood and textiles, for more than thirty years, teaching art at various spaces and educational centers nationally and internationally, and have exhibited in group and solo shows throughout many years, also national and internationally.  

In recent years I co-organized an international ceramics exhibit at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles.CA (2012) and worked as an Artist in the Community at the Richmond Main Library, and wrote educational curriculum combining Art and Science for the Richmond Art Center (2014)

In 2016 had a retrospective show in a private gallery in Berkeley.CA.

My works are included in private and public collections in the USA, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Artist Statement

Over the years it has been a beautiful experience to pursue craftsmanship in the arts and particularly to work with clay, while expressing myself.

The relationship among people, cultures and nature has been of my interest for many years, since my time of working as a Sociologist many years ago. Now, when working in my studio creating something, pursuing research or teaching and sharing knowledge with others I am combining my interests and passions.

I feel lucky that I am able to work and create with my hands, make gardens or find inspiration in many areas, like nature, music and cultures around the world.   Art has allowed me to give voice and create, to learn and to share, and be in direct contact with basic natural elements in this path of creation, be painting, working with clay or textiles and paper, it is all part of a wonderful creative process.

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Winter light, Porcelain vase and ceramics, silver and mixed media, 16 x 16'' aprox.

Untitled- black burnished piece- 15 x 5 x 13"

Winter light, Porcelain vase and ceramics, silver and mixed media, 16 x 16'' aprox.

Winter light, Porcelain vase and ceramics, silver and mixed media, 16 x 16'' aprox.

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