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Featured Artist August 2018

Marie Bergstedt

In the past twelve years Bergstedt’s art has appeared in more than 100 exhibitions, receiving 22 awards.  She has been invited to present lectures and workshops at eight organizations, including the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, California College of Arts, Coastal Carolina University, and Surface Design Association. More than 40 publications include her works, among them the Netherlands’ Textile Art Around the World by Ellen Bakker, the “On View Portraiture” section of Fiber Art Now magazine, and a Through Our Hands Magazine interview by Linda Seward, United Kingdom. In 2017 she was invited for publication in Artistry in Fiber: Sculpture by E. Ashley Rooney and Anne Lee, Schiffer Publishing and Ceci N'est Pas Un Pull by Charlotte Vannier, SAS PYRAMID EDITIONS (Paris, France) .  In February 2018 Bergstedt was invited as an "Artist in Action" (studio/resident/workshop presenter) at Ann Marie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center (a Smithsonian Affiliate), Dowell, Maryland.

Artist Statement

My artwork tells stories.  Often a piece is sparked by current events.  Then, inspired by my personal experience, I draw upon one of my mixed-up family of bloodlines or close friends to explore the contradictions, tragedies, challenges, and sometimes bliss of their tales.  Through portraits and symbols, I unbutton stories, mend tears, unveil, and discover as I stitch together the narrative. Often the subject is one of grave concern, but my process also works through issues in a way that configures into a more positive visual conclusion. There is room for humor, laughter and celebration at the end, for both me and viewers.

I believe traditional handwork techniques such as knitting, crocheting and embroidery best visualize what I hope to convey. My goal is to touch viewers, using textiles as a universal experience and bridge, and to encourage others to discover their own or a more-widespread dialogue.

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Ladies in Lab Coats (back), 2018, 64"H x 60"W x 62"D, Hand embroidery on silk

Love Crosses Borders, 2017, 60"H x 52"W x 2.5"D, Mixed fiber media and techniques

Terry, 2015, 44"H x 41"W x 2.5"D, Buttons hand sown over needlepoint canvas.

Emerson, Chicago 1930,  2016, 54"H x 30"W x 2"D, Mixed fiber media and techniques

Emerson, Chicago 1930, 2016, 54"H x 30"W x 2"D, Mixed fiber media and techniques

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