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Featured Artist September 2015

Suzie Buchholz

Suzie Buchholz is a San Francisco Bay Area painter, sculptor and installation artist. She studied painting at Atelier du Soleil in Aix-en-Provence, France, and has a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute.

Suzie has served as trustee and vice chair at the Oxbow School in Napa, CA and served on the Board of Directors at di Rosa Museum. Currently she is a member of the Public Art Advisory Group of the Sausalito Art Commission. She is a past President and an active member of the ICB Artists Association, and has served as an awards judge for the International Academy of Visual Artists for more than five years.

Artist Statement

I’ve always rebelled against limitations and maybe that’s why I love being an abstract painter. I love walking into the studio not knowing what’s going to happen. A rule breaker by nature, I embrace the freedom to experiment, which keeps the process fresh for me and gives a sense of endless possibility.

Abstract expressionism deeply influences my work, offering autonomy from the limits of known object or form. My process is very physical, scraping away, building and scribbling, to create a textured surface that somehow conveys an idea, a mood or emotion that is deeply human. A natural sense of color and composition guide my work, but emotion and spontaneity give it life. There is a certain, comforting order underlying the chaos on every canvas. I like to “violate the canvas” to use Diebenkorn’s words, bury the evidence, and then excavate it again. Hard edge against soft, an emphatic line over textured background, marks that come in and out of view will give a hint of object, or trigger a memory, challenging the viewer to explore beneath the surface.

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We Could Be Friends
10 x 13 inches, oil on panel

Fashion Forward
48 x 60 inches, oil on panel

Street Dance
48 x 48 inches, oil on panel

60 x 60 inches, oil on panel