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Andreina Davila

Andreina Davila's intricate textures, organic lines, and free use of pointillism form a fluid and fragile mesh representing change and interconnectivity on a cosmic and microcosmic scale.  Her current series “[I Am]” (a collaborative project portraying egos or identity labels), #SOMOS] (an un-opinionated tale of Big Hairy Questions), explore the sense of universal oneness and its ever-evolving nature.

Andreina Davila earned a BA in Architecture in Venezuela, and received her MA in Design from Arizona State University. Her work has been shown at Oakland International Airport, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SOMARTS, and City Art Gallery in San Francisco; City of Berkeley permit’s office; ProArts, The Compound Gallery, and Slate Contemporary Gallery, in Oakland; Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, and other venues throughout the US. 

Artist Statement

I am convinced that to remain authentic and explore questions that matter, I should look beyond my own studio. I am currently working on two long-term projects that tackle the question of our sense of existence, trying to detach my own judgment from the creative process.

From an external perspective, #SOMOS] Series explores the history of philosophy in a visual and casual manner. The pieces in the series translate visually my understanding about big philosophical questions, starting with the Big Bang. Each question is explored by creating 15 versions of the same idea, resulting in 15 pieces. Over time, by “translating” philosophical theories into visual art, I hope to spark curiosity and wonder, creating a “think-map” of questions, answers, and isolated thoughts to help us identify connections and make sense of our shared existence as human beings.

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[I Am] Barcelona, from the #I Am] series, 2014, mixed media on wood, 18 x 18 inches 

[ I am ] I Contain Multitudes, from the #I Am] series, 2013, encaustic and mixed media on wood, 36" diameter 

Origin of Life 3, from the #SOMOS] series, 2013, mixed media on wood, 36 inches diameter 

Origin of Life 2, from the #SOMOS] series, 2013 mixed media on wood, 18 inches diameter