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Featured Artist June 2015

Pallavi Sharma

Pallavi Sharma was born and raised in India and immigrated to United States in 1997. She received her BFA and MFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts Baroda, India and received her Ph.D. in Art History from India's National Museum Institute of History of Art and Conservation, New Delhi, India. Pallavi's work has been exhibited widely at venues including the Queens Museum of Art, Exit Art, Art Asia  Pacific, and Bishop Museum. At present, she is a board member of Asian American Women Artist Association (AAWAA) and Director of ‘Inner Eye Art’ an Art Consulting Firm specializing in South Asian Art.

Artist Statement

In my performances and installations by multiple aids I try to create channels to invoke ‘sense of freedom’ and understanding of the world I live in. It is not a mirror image of life, but an interpretation of my life and circumstances. In doing so, I feel independent, powerful, and more than anything else, I feel at home.

I use the elements of narrative in an experimental way to explore complex relations which have layers of meaning. It integrates my experiences and tries to open up a discourse about the process of naturalization. I do believe we all leave our mother’s womb, the prime, safe, secure home and immigrate to this world for a reason. The transition speaks about  how through out our life we keep looking for a validation/ a stamped passport to be legal citizens of this world. In order to become homogeneous we live life on predetermined terms and conditions, bypassing the sole reason of immigration! Ironic as it sounds in the chaotic situations someone from inside our own body taps to remind us- “we came here with nothing and will be going empty handed, so why not to live with freedom and joy”.

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In Memory of...  (2014)

Soliloquy (2014- 2015) performance

Suspended (2014)
mixed media painting

Soliloquy (2013)
still image from video installation