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Home Ec

May 4 – June 22, 2008


Domestic activities such as cooking, sewing, knitting and home decorating have evolved from the days when these activities were primarily women’s housework. Cooking is no longer routine drudgework: with cooking shows and celebrity chefs, cooking is viewed increasingly as a coveted pastime. Knitting has had a renaissance in its popularity and knitting circles have sprouted all over the world. Such activities are increasingly seen as hip. In short, the home economics of the mid-20th century have evolved from cliche to cache.

In HOME EC, artists explore this dividing line from a va- riety of perspectives. Through painting, sculpture and mixed media, the artists will transform the gallery into an inviting domicile where guests may interact with the art. From re-defining the chores of the home to re-defin- ing the roles of the home, the artists in HOME EC address the cultural shifts in home economics today and the changes in the home these shifts imply.


Sarah Applebaum
Elide Endreson 
Sherry Koyama 
Christina La Sala 
Julia Petho
Allen Stickel