Interventions: Tony Bellaver, Barbara Foster and Scott Serata

January 7- February 10, 2007

Selected from the January 2006 Members’ Showcase, the artwork of Tony Bellaver, Barbara Foster and Scott Serata respond to human intervention upon nature. Presenting disparate media—installation, prints, collage and photography—the artists convey unique sensibilities in delving into age-old, yet extremely relevant, themes of people’s relation to nature.  

Installation and performance artist, Tony Bellaver, creates “scientific” experiments to “improve” upon nature. Visitors will enter the “laboratory” where the research takes place and the “scientist” may be on hand to explain the investigative process and its hypothetical outcomes. 

San Francisco State University professor Barbara Foster is a printmaker with an extensive exhibition record.  Her elegant, large-format prints compile images of reclamation sites, test sites and air force bases to explore time and illusion in the context of the Cold War and its relation to the social and political currents of today. 

Scott Serata’s numerous photographic series deal with the imposition of culture, development, industry and commerce upon the natural environment. His extensive work in Brazil, where the unstable economic situation highlights the imposition of human activities on the natural environment, informs much of his work. In other photographs, Serata explores urban children’s playgrounds, developments of heavy industry, liquor stores and industrialized commercial greenhouses.