Annual National Juried Exhibition

July 9- September 1, 2005

The Berkeley Art Center’s 22nd Annual National Juried Exhibition opens on July 9th with an engaging group of works by artists from across the country. The opportunity offered to excellent emerging and underexposed artists have contributed to the exhibition’s prestige.  Awards will be announced at the reception.

Selected artists include:

David Gremard
Terry Chastain
Paul Weiner
Laura Shoe
Katherine Venturelli
Machiko Kondo
Michael Crawford
Julie Brookman
Toru Sugita
David Kaisen
Audrey Walbee-Taylor 
Mary Curtis Ratcliff 
Kimetha Vanderveen 
Marina Shterenberg 
Nancy Lewis
Sarah M Applebaum 
Will Noble 
Cass Morris
Clifton Albergotti 
Barbara Foster 
Don Melandry 
Jenny Robinson
Sylvia Solochek Walters 
Bonnie Brenn-White 
Richard Gilles 
Kim Thoman 
Annie Murphy-Robinson 
Shane Weare
Philippe Jestin 
Nicholas Fedak II 
Justin Angelos 
Jean Gumpper 
Deborah Gothiel Nehmad 
Steve Skinner 
Jason Brinkerhoff 
Jay Tracy 
Gary Washmon 
Victoria Goro-Rapoport 
Ian Cross
Mark Abrahamson