NGA T. Trinh

NGA T. Trinh

National Juried Exhibition

August 26 – September 22, 2007

The Berkeley Art Center is pleased to announce completion of the jurying process for the 24th Annual National Juried Exhibition. Over the course of two days, jurors Dr. Peter Selz (founder of the Berkeley Art Museum and author of the recently published Art of Engagement: Political Art in California and Beyond) and artist Nancy Buchanan (Professor at CalArts, Valencia, California) carefully reviewed slides representing over one thousand, seven hundred works of art, submitted by over four hundred and sixty artists.   

This year, the show is devoted to “works on paper” and the final selections include drawings, prints, photography, collage, painting on paper, origami and mixed media.   The subject matter is equally diverse, including political satire, figural studies, and social commentaries on issues such as the ecology, race relations and cultural diversity.

Once the exhibition is installed the jurors will further deliberate on the distribution of the cash prize ($1,200.)  Their decision will be announced at the opening reception, held on Sunday, August 26th, 2:00- 4:00 pm.


Mark Abrahamson (Stanwood, WA)
Lee Michael Altman (Benicia, CA)
Ariel (Berkeley, CA)
Alexis Babayan (Oakland, CA)
Henrique Baghulo (San Francisco, CA)
Carol Bernard (Davis, CA)
Mary Black (Sebastopol, CA)
Christie Blizard (Columbus, IN)
Judd Boloker (Bronxville, NY)
Richard S. Buswell (Helena, MT)
Charles Caldemeyer (Mansfield, OH)
Paz de la Calzada (San Francisco, CA)
Jeff Cancelosi (Northville, MI)
Kim Cheselka (Los Angeles, CA)
Randy Clark (Brookings, SD)
Adele Crawford (Oakland, CA)
Harlan Crowder (Sunnyvale, CA)
Richard L. Dana (Bethesda, MD)
Larry Deemer (Breezy Point, NY)
Donna Duguay (Berkeley, CA)
Albert Edgerton (Piedmont, CA)
Kevin G. Fletcher (Santa Rosa, CA)
Linda Frost (Los Angeles, CA)
Richard Gilles (Folsom, CA)
Steve Gibson (La Mesa, CA)
Wendy Goldberg (Fairfax, CA)
Elizabeth Gómez (Redwood City, CA)
Paul Greenberg (Dallas, TX)
Dmitri Hochstatter (San Francisco, CA)
Maria Janosko (Oakland, CA)
Kenneth Kaplowitz (Pennington, NJ)
Linda Katzdorn (Sacramento, CA)
Michelle Kim (San Francisco, CA)
Nancy Kolliner (Los Osos, CA)
Eric Larson (San Francisco, CA)
Mick Laska (San Anselmo, CA)
Anthony Lazorko (Mesilla, NM)
Viatcheslav Likhatchev (Daly City, CA)
Frederick Loomis (San Francisco, CA)
Kamal Al Mansour (Fremont, CA)
Susan Matthews (Oakland, CA)
Mac Mechem (Fresno, CA)
David Miller (Berkeley, CA)
Abe Murley (Long Beach, CA)
Karen Neubert (Los Angeles, CA)
Gerald Pavalko (Oakland, CA)
Gail Postal (New York, NY)
Reiner (San Francisco, CA)
Jason Ripper (Tempe, AZ)
Jenny Robinson (San Francisco, CA)
Jim Sienkiewicz (El Cerrito, CA)
Maxine Solomon (San Francisco, CA)
Lynn Sondag (San Francisco, CA)
Ruth Sproul  (Ithaca, NY)
NGA T. Trinh (Berkeley, CA)
 Katherine Venturelli (Fiddletown, CA)
Joan Winter (Dallas, TX)
 Megan Wolfe (San Francisco, CA)