Berkeley Art Center Presents

Katherine Westerhout: Photographs

February 23 – April 5, 2003
Artist Reception: Sunday, February 23, 2:00pm – 4:00 pm


Large scale photographs in pigment on canvas by Katherine Westerhout are on display at the Berkeley Art Center February 23- April 5, 2003. Winner of BACA's Members Showcase 2002, Westerhout was selected from over 160 artists.

The solo exhibition features the artists newest works of deserted San Francisco Bay Area sites such as the Fox Theatre and Montgomery Ward Building in Oakland. These photos depict man-made structures seemingly devoid of human presence. Haunting in their quietness yet inviting at the same time, these unkempt spaces are conveyed through the camera lens as places of calm meditation. 

 "In the context of our time, I've begun to think of my work as political. Seemingly powerless, we bear witness to the death of the imagination and the rise of fundamentalism. My life and work are impelled by the belief that the most powerful antidote to these twin forces is the celebration of mystery and the return of reverence to the center of our consciousness. - Katherine Westerhout.

A native Californian of Anglo/Eurasian ancestry, Katherine picked up the camera at the age of six or seven and recalls the magic of watching images appear from the "soup" of her portable darkroom in the kitchen of her childhood home in Oakland. Katherine continues to develop her work on the inkjet pigment printer at Oakland's Magnolia Editions. "Working with digital image delivery systems has opened the photographers world to the wonders of printmaking..."