New Media Combinations: Traditional — Digital

September 7 – November 16, 2013

Traditional media and digital technologies have long merged to create new frameworks for artists interested in exploring infinite combinations. New Media Combinations showcases compelling work by contemporary artists investigating multiple solutions to mine and combine the potential of traditional and digital technologies with arresting results. Participating artists include Kim Anno, Rebeca Bollinger, Lia Cook, Don & Era Farnsworth, Bella Feldman, Rupert Garcia, Talia Greene, Jeannie O’Connor, and Elizabeth Sher.

Exhibition Sponsors: Sheldon and Judy Greene, Anonymous


Participating Artists

Kim Anno

Rebecca Bolinger

Lia Cook

Don & Era Farnsworth

Bella Feldman

Rupert Garcia

Talia Greene

Jeannie O'Connor

Elizabeth Sher



New Media Combinations: Traditional >> Digital, by Sarah Burke, East Bay Express, 10.24.2013

Mapping Emotion: Lia Cook's Scientific Approach to the Handmade, by Rachel Walther, CCA, 9.16.2013