Teen Arts Administrators Residency

Lucia and Lena help out at Green Valentines Workshop

Lucia and Lena help out at Green Valentines Workshop

Spring 2018 Teen Team

In its inaugural year, BAC's Teen Arts Administration Residency is launching a ten-week after-school program with two students from Berkeley High School. Participants meet with local arts professionals, learn about careers and specialized techniques, and produce exhibition-related programs for their peers. Teen will interact with exhibiting artists and educators to design one event per session. 

During the Spring session Lena and Lucia will meet with Agility Project artists Leah Rosenberg and Jeremiah Jenkins to study their conceptual brand of interactive installation and color exploration. 

Lena Haber is a sophomore at Berkeley High School in the school's Academic Choice program. She's grown up in Berkeley just as her mom did. She states, "From a young age I have been really interested in Art which is what prompted my new found love of Art History, of which I am taking the AP class this year. When I'm not doing homework, I often paint or read. I am an avid reader of nonfiction and particularly love Jon Krakauer."

Lucia Freedberg is a sophomore at Berkeley International High School. With parents from Argentina and South Africa, Lucia has traveled a lot and enjoys being exposed to different cultures in the world. She explains, "I've been interested in art my whole life, from ceramics classes in elementary school to film photography in 9th grade. I love drawing and would really love to learn how to paint."