The Kite Makers with Green Art Workshop

Saturday, August 27 from 1 - 3 pm
Open to all ages. Suggested donation $5

This workshop utilizes the kite as a vehicle for exploring identity and memory. Looking at various approaches to portraiture through symbolic representation, students will reflect on and learn how to visually express a significant relationship in their lives. Participants will gain knowledge of the cultural history of kites and discover how to make it personally relevant.

Taught by artist Asha Kalonia who earned her Bachelor's degree in Art Education from San Francisco State University. Asha believes every individual has creative potential and she uses art to ignite this creativity. Her personal artwork includes painting and experimentation with mixed media process. 

Green Art Workshop is a hands-on, eco-conscious program that brings teaching artists into Bay Area classrooms and community centers. Click here to view more classes offered by then at SCRAP in SF.

Japanese Calligraphy

The eight basic strokes of Japanese Calligraphy Teacher: Tomoko Ide

Wednesday, August 17, 10 am - 1 pm
Class fee: $30 BAC Members / $40 Non-members

Japanese Calligrapher Tomoko Ide will usher participants into the beauty of traditional Japanese calligraphy with this introductory workshop. Tomoko will explain how to write eight common strokes which are all found in the character — (ei “permanence”). Workshop participants will be provided with Japanese calligraphy’s “Four Treasures of Study”—Washi (paper), Fude (brush pen), Sumi (Ink), and Suzuri (Ink stone). As a beginning calligrapher practices these principles it helps to ensure beauty in one’s writing, drawing or any other practice that requires focus.