Opening Reception for Soapbox


2014 Juried Exhibition 

Selected by Boots Riley and Steven Wolf   
June 28- August 10, 2014 
Opening Reception Saturday, June 28, 5-8pm 

Berkeley Art Center invited artists to submit work that represents, challenges or incites us to get up on our soapboxes and share our ideas, our passions, and our intentions to change the world. Selected by artist and activist Boots Riley and gallerist Steven Wolf, the work in this exhibition is activated, and positions the viewer to participate in the rapidly changing social, political, economic and artistic fields.


About the Jurors: 

Raymond Lawrence Riley, better known by his stage name Boots Riley, is an American poet, rapper, songwriter, producer, screenwriter, humorist, political organizer, community activist, lecturer, and public speaker- best known as the lead vocalist of The Coup and Street Sweeper Social Club. Riley is known for his energetic, charismatic, "punk"-like presence on-stage, combined with dancing.

Boots Riley's work is known for its heartfelt, humorous, witty, optimistic lyrics with stylistically literary leanings. Most of his works, although often about a subjective experience (love, sex, broken-down cars, getting drunk, etc.), are tied to a radical class analysis of the current system and or situation. Some of his songs call for the overthrow of the ruling class by the working class.

Riley is the only known musical artist whose surveillance by intelligence agents has been exposed due to Wikileaks documents.

Steven Wolf was a newspaper reporter and a private dealer specializing in 20th century art before opening Steven Wolf Fine Arts in 2004. The gallery exhibits post war and contemporary art in all media, publishes catalogues and artist books. Steven Wolf occasionally writes a blog called The Off Brand, which chronicles overlooked aspects of visual culture and documents the junk he finds at the flea market.