Conversation with Christian Frock and Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson,   We Lose Space,    installation with Gordon Winiemko

Megan Wilson, We Lose Space,  installation with Gordon Winiemko

Saturday, September 20, 4-6pm 
Fall Lecture Series | FREE  

Christian Frock and Megan Wilson will come together to talk about the recent and rapid changes happening in the Bay Area’s cultural community and how it is effecting housing, work spaces and art making as a whole. Moderated by Aimee Le Duc

Christian L. Frock is an independent writer and curator based in the Bay Area. Frock's practice interrogates the intersection of art, daily life and popular culture through a consideration of art in public spaces. Invisible Venue, the curatorial enterprise founded and directed by Frock since 2005, collaborates with artists to present art in unexpected settings. Megan Wilson is a visual artist based out of San Francisco. Wilson’s large-scale installations and public projects utilize a broad range of pop culture methodologies and aesthetics as a point of entry and engagement for the issues she addresses conceptually. 

Read Christian Frock's Article: Priced Out: San Francisco's Changing Values and Artist Exodus.

Read Megan Wilson's Article: The Gentrification of Our Livelihoods: Everything Must Go...

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