723, a performance by Michael Barrett

Saturday, July 19, 4-7pm

Live Performance and Conversation with Soapbox exhibiting artist, Michael Barrett

This nearly 3-hour durational piece will begin at 4pm.

At 5:30, Barrett will break from the performance for a conversation and Q&A with BAC director, Aimee Le Duc. Afterward, Barrett will continue and complete the performance. We welcome you to join us for this free event at any stage of the performance or conversation.

For 723, the artist, himself a veteran will begin in front of two helmets. One helmet will have 723 pieces of paper in it with the names of the 723 California residents killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   The other helmet will have a burning candle. As the artist picks a name from the first helmet, he will write it on a chalkboard, erase the name and then burn the paper in the second helmet. After completing the cycle, the artist will return to the center and begin again.