Visual Arts Lyric Escape: Paintings by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

April 15 – May 10, 2009 

Legendary poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti uses paint instead of words to convey messages of imaginings, fascination and mischievousness. Most of these expressive paintings were created within the last ten years, and reveal a deep commitment by one of the great artists of our century, who continues to surprise and delight us with his talent and insight into the human condition. Lawrence has been represented by the George Krevsky Gallery for the past 15 years.

“Faced with the dominant technocratic materialist consciousness of America today, many become Luddites, Buddhists, vegans, psychics, exotic mystics, dopers, psychedelic visionaries, or just retreat into their shells. Painters and poets have available to them the lyric escape—pure lyricism, in paint or words, pure light untainted by pollution, environmental or political. Rejecting political expression as a creative medium, in this group of paintings I am indulging in the lyric escape.”

—Lawrence Ferlinghetti