Bodies and Souls
Three Humanist Photographers: Ruth Morgan, Gayle Tanaka, Kenneth R. Wilkes

September 8 - October 30, 1994

The Photographs in this exhibition reflect these artists' involvement with human issues-- issues of existence-- and reflect their engagement with social concerns. Profound questions are asked, such as: what are the political and social conditions which marginalize certain citizens? How does identity shape others perceptions? How does one learn to live in the moment? And what are the ethics required to photograph with integrity? Resounding issues are addressed, such as aging; social, political and financial disenfranchisement; and prejudice. 

Kenneth Wilkes, Ruth Morgan and Gayle Tanaka bring to their work social concern, integrity and prodigious skill. Morgan and Wilkes share a deep sense of personal ethics in regard to the photographer's relationship to the subject. While accepting the challenge of subject matter that is potentially sensational, both are careful to avoid explanation. Gayle Tanaka turns the camera upon herself implicating the viewer as a voyeur, and solving for herself the ethical question of the photographer's potential for voyeurism. Each takes a different approach to their investigations and each uses a variety of techniques, traditions and contemporary, to give voice to their concerns. 

Excerpt from catalog introduction by Robbin Legere Henderson.