Ethnic Notions:

Black Images in the White Mind

September 10 - November 12, 2000

Curated by Robbin Henderson, foreward by Janette Faulkner, introduction by Robbin Henderson, essays by Leon F. Litwack and Erskine Peters

An exhibition of racist stereotype and caricature from the collection of Janette Faulkner. Ethnic Notions must be seen for its painful lessons in the power of images. These insidious articles owe their power not only to an iconography of mockery and derision but also to the fact that so many of them were mass-produced. Particles of toxic propaganda, they pervaded America like fallout from the Civil War and the ineradicable  sin of black enslavement that detonated it. *The 1982 exhibition was exhibited again in 2000. The catalog was re-printed at that time. Both catalogs are available, however the 1982 catalog is priced at $65 as it is a collector's item.