Look at Me Hungry

Presented by Berkeley Art Center from April 13 to May 25, 2019. Featuring works by Kim Bennett, Arthur Huang, Xi Nan, Joyce Nojima, Sandra Ono and James Sansing. Curated by Mel Prest.


The Measure of Enjoyment

By Ann Trinca

24 pages, published 5/29/2018

As part of The Agility Projects series, Berkeley Art Center is proud to present The Measure of Enjoyment, featuring new work by Bay Area artists Leah Rosenberg and Jeremiah Jenkins. Through humor, color and play, both artists reflect on challenges of being an artist amidst growing social tensions and the value in (re)focusing on pleasure and human connection.
Quiet Please: The Mental Game of Art and Tennis

By Ann Trinca

52 pages, published 8/24/2016

As part of The Agility Projects series, Berkeley Art Center is proud to present Quiet Please, an exhibition that examines the call and response relationship between artist and viewer using the sport of tennis as a metaphor to this exchange. Artists Libby Black, Jennie Ottinger, George Pfau, and Andrew Witrak present drawings, sculpture and animation that use tennis as a way to comment on human psychology: presentation, elitism, communication,…
I Look for Clues in Your Dreams

By Ann Trinca

56 pages, published 7/28/2016

Curated by Heather Marx and presented by Berkeley Art Center May 21 - July 17, 2016 featuring work by Leo Bersamina, Chris Duncan, Kristin Farr, Jenny Sharaf, Victoria Wagner and Amber Jean Young.

PAST PUBLICATIONS available at Berkeley Art Center

             Lava Thomas: Looking Back and
             Seeing Now

                  Presented by Berkeley Art Center July 11 - August 23,
                  2015 featuring a site-specific work by Lava Thomas as
                  part of The Agility Projects series



             New Photography: Inspired by the                  Paul Sack Collection

                  Juried exhibition presented at Berkeley Art Center October                     9 - November 22, 2015. Featuring artists Filza Ahmad,                             Ingeborg Gerdes, Toby Kahn, Maggie Preston and Susan                         Lynn Smith.