Look at Me Hungry
curated by Mel Prest

April 13–May 25, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 13, 6pm–8pm

Featuring Kim Bennett, Arthur Huang, Xi Nan, Joyce Nojima, Sandra Ono and James Sansing

The works in this exhibition evolve from an obsessiveness and immersion in the process of making — something like hunger — while evoking the tension between being fully realized abstract “things” and pieces disintegrating into their many components. Crossing boundaries between painting, sculpture and installation, the artists in the show lay bare their creative processes through works that embody time and the presence of their hand.

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Bodies on the Line: Sound, Performance, Endurance
curated by Rhiannon MacFadyen

June 8–July 20, 2019
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8, 6pm–8pm

Featuring Simone Bailey, Chris Evans and Beatrice L. Thomas (aka Black Benatar)

Curated by Rhiannon MacFadyen, founder of Black & White Projects, this exhibition showcases work at the intersection of art and activism. The artists in the show place the black female body at the center of their practice, bringing to light the urgency, endurance, violence and magic associated with being black and female in 2019. Through live performances and broad documentation of past performances — including video recordings, photographs, objects and texts — the exhibition explores radically different approaches to understanding issues of performativity related to gender, race and queerness.

Simone Bailey works with video, performance, sculpture and photography to examine themes of violence, agency and the impulse to grasp the intangible. Chris Evans is an interdisciplinary artist trained in music and dance; her practice explores where the lines between dance, space, artist and audience blur. Mx. Beatrice Thomas is a queer multidisciplinary artist and performer who uses the artifice of drag to inhabit her alter ego, Black Benatar, an exaggerated black femme creature who challenges blackness, whiteness, oppression and convention.

Tickets for live performances and public programs associated with this exhibition will be announced in April.


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